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A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Lt. Dennis W. Zilinski II Memorial Fund.

The Liquid Soldier Team

Executive Team

This Is Our Team Of Executives!

Dilip Mandal


Philip Duddy


Executive Committee


Stephanie Baccarie


Executive Committee

This Is Our Team Of Executives!

Peter D'elia


Joe Callaci

Vice President

Anthony Comi

Advisory Committee

This is Our Expert Advisory Team!

Sal Falletta


Lauren Nangano

Vice President

Alan Ferrara

Assistant Vice President Consultant

Missy Messier

Assistant Vice President

Peter Anselmi

Assistant Vice President

Medical Committee

This is our Medical Team!

Dr Harry DeMeo

Dr Sanjay Gandhi

Nurse Kayla Marcano

Peter Stahl

Health and Wellness

This is our Health and Wellness Department

Tommy Giglio


Executive Assistants

These Are Our Executive Assistants

Jennifer DeAlmeida

Alana Dickerson

Lorenza Mallo

Dina Fin

Jillisa Baum

Michelle Galvez

Human Resources Team

This is our Human Resources Team

Tracey Ray

Senior President

Jordan Sansgaard

Laura Duddy

Merger & Acquisitions

This Is Our Expert Mergers & Acquisitions Team!

Rick Allacco

Taylor Mistretta


Ciara DeAlmeida

Social Media Team

This is Our Expert Social Media Team!

Douglas Gaboury

Executive Committee

Senior President

Bob Scully

Executive Committee


Ashlee Malinowski

In loving Memory


Diana Paunetto

Megan Lau

Ashley Messier

Brandon Paunetto

Alex Croft

Public Relations

This is our Public Relations Team!

Licensing Team

This Is Our Leading Licensing Team!

Kimberly Brecko

Executive Committee


Accounting Team

This is Our Expert Accounting Team!

Jeffrey Rosenthal

CFO Consultant

Stephanie Rizzotto

Web Design Team

This Is Our Team Of Expert Designers!

Domenic Di

Mike Di

Nikolai Perelman

Sales Team

This Is Our Team Of Sales Experts!

Rob Veloni

Executive Committee


Ray Hansen

Senior Vice President

Suzanne Donohue

Vice President

Anthony Falzarano

Sales Manager

Lorraine Novelli

Assistant Manager

Jill Moritz

Steven Nager

International Team

This Is Our Expert International Team!

Kevin Augustus

Vietnam Operations

Tressa Romeo

Costa Rica Operations

Ivan Vigill

Vice President to Costa Rica Operations

Finance Team

This Is Our Team Of Finance Experts!

Christopher Giauinto

Frank Uhrin

Joseph Angelone

Product Development Team

This Is Our Leading Product Development Team!

Jennifer Cosolito

Larry Pereg

Educational Department

This is our Education Team!

Joseph Krieger

Robert Baccarie

Apparel Team

This is Our Apparel Team!

Elana Keinan

Executive Committe


Shelly Rose

Marketing Team

This is our Marketing Team!

Rita Kriss

Senior President

Elizabeth Allen

Ashlee Malinowski

In Loving Memory


Mark Henry

Technology & IT Team

This is our Technology Team!

Matt Parker

Ajay Kajla

Real Estate Department

This is our Real Estate Team!

Consulting Department

This is our Consulting Department

Brian Enny

Carlos Nunez

Communications Department

This is our Communications Team!

Eddie Paunetto

Customer Relations Department

This is our Customer Relations Team!

Veterans Volunteer Department

This is our Veterans Volunteer Team!

Brian Baum

Steven Baum

Mike Scarano

Joseph Peter Butterfield

Nick Angelone

Mark D'annuzio

Data Network Tech Support Department

This is our team of Data and Tech Specialists!

Joseph Phillips

Social Branding Department

This is our Social Branding Team!

Kosher Product Department

This is our Kosher Product Team!

Joseph Schon


Noah Schon

Vice President

Veterans Entertainment Department

This is our Veterans Entertainment Team!

Captain Black

Mayhem Mathew




In Loving Memory of Chester Davis
April 25, 2020

Mr. Gibbs

Kuka Powder Monkey

Bones / Mermaid Maria








Master James & Lady Dusty

The Pirates present historical / theatrical entertainment to children, adults and veterans.

They also aspire to help those who are struggling with social,

emotional and medical difficulties through charities that are dedicated to these causes.

In addition, they provide services to help other non-profit organizations and agencies raise funds for their endeavors.

Distribution Department

This is our Distribution Team!

Commercial Real Estate Department

This is our Commercial Real Estate Team!