Liquid Soldier

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Lt. Dennis W. Zilinski II Memorial Fund.

Liquid Solder Army over 29,599,068 members strong.

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A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Lt. Dennis W. Zilinski II Memorial Fund.

Liquid Solder Army over 29,599,068 members strong.

This is Us...

Our Story

Now you can have a crack….

In 2019, Tommy Mistretta, an Equity and Options Trader, and Phil Duddy, a Wall Street Bond Trader, met to discuss the 2019 Wall Street outlook. During their conversation they spoke of their combined passions for the health and wellness industry as well as volunteering their time with Veteran organizations. That is how our brand ItsAllMedical was created, and how it is now a national and Global brand.

During this chance meeting………..

Phil explained that he is an Executive Board Member of an amazing organization. He highlighted the very brave men and women that served in our military. Phil told Tommy about a man named Lieutenant Dennis Zilinski, Jr., and they started to spoke in length about the foundation, of which Phil is an executive board member and how the foundation, a lifesaving venture, assists in providing veterans with service dogs.

The name of a Rock Bank – Liquid Soldier – created 30 years ago by Tommy, eventually turned into LiquidSoldierMedia technologies and grew to over 40 million members to date, Tommy explained to Phil. This was the beginning of something amazing! At that meeting they both knew they had a global brand to bring to the world.

Out of their chance meeting was born the idea of a different kind of CBD company. One not matched by any other, which offered a top-quality product that would improve the lives of millions, and provide a portion of the company’s proceeds to our brave men and women serving our great nation.

Our Mission

To provide high-quality CBD products to customers with a service they can trust. In support of a holistic lifestyle, we offer hemp products formulated with the highest quality standards based on current medical research and industry expert recommendations, all in accordance with the Hemp Farming Act of 2018. To build on the core values of customer service and care, highest standards of quality, honesty, integrity and community outreach.

Our Vision

To be a global distributor of high-quality CBD products that are readily available to consumers to obtain their highest quality of well-being.

Are you over 18 years of age?

As of today, the following FDA prohibitions stand for CBD:

  • It cannot be sold as an unapproved medicine
  • CBD cannot be sold as a dietary product
  • CBD cannot be sold as food

In short, no CBD products can be sold under the premise of having medical claims. No wonder the marketing jargon for many CBD companies seems vague. Words like "promote" and "support" are loopholes for CBD companies. This allows them to market their products as long as they steer clear of medical claims. Disclaimer: Any information provided in the blog is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. THE FDA HAS NOT EVALUATED THE PRODUCTS SOLD ON THIS WEBSITE FOR SAFETY OR EFFICACY.

These products are only fit for use by adults 18 and above. Keep out of the reach of children. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a health care professional prior to use.